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Rigs & Racks


Rigs System & Cluster Attachments

  • Expand and augment your Rigs system with our attachments featuring multiple pull-up bar options cross bars, dip stations, safety arms, J-Cups, storage for bumper discs, bars, kettlebells, ball targets, and a glute / hamstring station.


Power Rack, Half Rack, Squat Rack

  • CLUSTER Power Rack and Squat Stand is designed for strength training facility.

  • CLUSTER racks and squat stands are made for hard usage, featuring 3mm (11 gauge) 75mm*75mm steel square tubing, precise laser cut holes with 50mm space, powder coated finish and 24mm zink coated hardware.

  • The same construction is used for our standard Power Racks and Squat Stands. They come in many configurations. Because of the common components, most of the ever growing family of CLUSTER Rig Attachments is compatible with the Racks and Stands.

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